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Une liste de liens trouvée sur un forum et que je vais incorporer peu à peu au site de S&B :


All nations: or The Vinkhuijzen Collection of military uniforms and Regimental Regalia held by the New York Public Library. The Collection contains nearly 20,000 prints, drawings, watercolors, and printed book and magazine illustrations of military costume as well as military medals, regalia, insignia, coats of arms, and regimental flags, from most times and places except the United States. Covers ancient to modern periods but use with a bit of caution asome items have been catalogued incorrectly. First link to uniforms by country whereas second to subject area. Uniform plates by Knotel - not all of the Knotel plates are available. Histofig (French site) – Very good, but very slow!! Lots of uniform plates for many nations. French site – a few uniform plates. French site by Bernard Coppens. Some of his drawings here freely available. The 1802 Uniform Plates of Friedrich Ludwig von Koeller covering a number of different countries. Some useful uniform plates. Links to commercial seller of uniform books & plates, but some useful stuff. French language page with uniforms for the French troops and their allies in the Russian campaign in 1812. Unfortunately, both slow to work with, as much influenced by banner ads and other stuff. Uniforms of Kingdom of Italy, Italian Republics, Wurttemburg. Ultimate site about Italians and Wurttemberg in the Napoleonic period. Russian website with lots of plates covering all nations (some excellent ones of French troops by Sokolov & Marbot; Russians of 1812 by Parkhaeva, Austrians by Ottenfeld & Teuber; plus lots lots more). Excellent US website with lots & lots of plates - need to join to gain full access. Collection of uniforms of the French army and its allies in 1812 by C. Weiland (note the white in some illustrations has deteriorated to a shade of grey). Contemporary "Augsburger uniform or Series" covering 1802-1810. Almost every nation of the time was represented with at least one sheet, which was usually 5 per nation, including 2 each for the infantry and cavalry (often divided into light and heavy forces) and 1 for the artillery. Amongst these amazing plates are very interesting illustrations of Ottoman troops & Cossacks. Plates on many countries created in 1802 in Kiel by Friedrich Ludwig von Koeller. Militia and volunteer troops of 1813-1815 from Prussia, Hannover, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Hamburg, Lubeck, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hesse-Kassel, Saxe-Weimar, Bavaria, Wurzburg, Austria & Saxony, by Friedrich Neumann. Uniforms of Foreign Troops – published in 1828. Ignore first 19 plates as they are post-Napoleonic period. Remainder comprise mix of Westphalian, Saxon & Polish troops. "Uniformes de l'armée française en 1812" & “Uniformes de troupes Alliees de l'armée Française vers 1812” by Grammont - 87 plates in total covering France, Italy, Naples, Warsaw, Portuguese Legion, Regiment Joseph Napoleon, Swiss Regiments & Croats.

France: Uniforms of the French army from 1690 to 1900 by Dr. Lienhart & Humbert. Napoleon-Series: 100 uniform plates of Vernet - Lami: The French Army 1791 – 1815. Uniform plates by Lucien Rousselot. Here you will find scans of original uniform plates of various authors (Rousselot , Leroux , ... ) stored in a repository and digitized by the Society of Historical Studies revolutionary and imperial law. Russian site containing images of the French and Russian uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars. The French plates were made by Veyland, Martinet around 1812, while the Russian plates are by Kill, Gubarev and Sokolsky. Site under development to cover all of the French Army. Currently good coverage of Hussar uniforms. Links to article by Capt. Frank Forde on Napoleon's Irish Legion. Boisselier drawings of the French in the Peninsular. Poles in the service of Napoleon – covers the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, Vistula Legion, Legion du Nord, Imperial Guard, 1st to 6th Hussars by René Louis covering Revolutionary to Napoleon & beyond. 7th to 14th Hussars by René Louis covering Revolutionary to Napoleon & beyond. Uniforms of ADCs - watercolours by Emile Fort. Uniforms of engineering, artillery & train troops from the Revolution to 2nd Empire - notes and watercolors by Emile Fort. The Little Museum Collection of different military costumes of the French army troops by Martinet 1816. The French Army by Berka. Uniforms of the Imperial Guard by C. Baour – mix of colour & black & white pictures. The soldiers of the French Republic & Empire by H Bellange. Illustrations from the great standard work on the foreign troops of France prepared in 1854 in 2 volumes of Eugène Fieffé published under the title “Histoire des Troupes étrangères au service de France depuis leur origine jusqu'à nos jours et de tous les leves dans les pays Regiment conquis sous la Première République et le'Empire”. Uniform Plates by Felix Philippoteaux from the work of Adrien Pascal on the French Army Army 1786-1815. Costumes of the Imperial Court of Napoleon, Volume 1. Costumes of the Imperial Court of Napoleon, Volume 2. Costumes of the Imperial Court of Napoleon, Volume 3.

Kingdom of Italy: Uniforms of Kingdom of Italy - this is currently the ultimate site about Italians in the Napoleonic period. Useful site on the army of the Kingdom of Italy. Italian Military Museum with link to revolution era uniforms. The troops of the Italian Republics (1799 - 1805). Kingdom of Italy 1805-14.

Austria: This links to the Rawkins booklet on the Austrian army. Taken from a copy of Abbildung der Neuen Adjustirung der K.K. Armee by Tranquillo Mollo and Joseph George Mansfield. These illustrations cover the uniforms of the Imperial Austrian Army from around 1798. In the Colas this source is indicated as 1796-1798. The very high degree of detail of the different types of uniform, both in the front and the back opinion, makes these illustrations an invaluable source for researching the Austrian Army from the early years of the Napoleonic Wars until 1805. Napoleon-Series: Austrian Landwehr in 1809: the Uniform Plates of Joseph Eder Napoleon-Series: Austrian Freikorps and Landwehr of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann. Landwehr and Bürgergarde, 1805. Vienna Freikorps 1797 Geschichte und bildliche Darstellung der Regimenter des Erzhauses Oesterreich. Wien: Reilly,1796. From the Digitale Bibliothek deutscher Drucke des 18. Jahrhunderts – covers the Austrian army in 1796

Great Britain Uniform series of Goddard & Booth. Maltese Army units 1798 onwards.

Prussia: Prussian Uniforms Published by Schiavonetti in 1806. Prussian Infantry Uniforms of 1806. Knotel plates on the Prussian army. Uniforms of the Prussian army during the reign of Frederick William III . 1799-1800, illuminated by Blatter & published by Horvath (Potsdam) Uniforms of the Prussian Army, 1813-1814. Uniforms of the Prussian Army, 1813-1814. Uniforms of the Prussian Army, 1813-1814. Uniforms of the Prussian Army, 1813-1814. Geschichte und Bildliche Vorstellung der Königlich Preussischen Regimenter. Wien: Reilly, 1796 – covers the Prussian army in 1796

Russia: Russian site with the historical description of clothing and weapons of Russian troops by Viskovatov (18 volumes). Fascinating site containing every uniform and flag plate from Viskavatov's famous multi-volume tome on the Russian army - unfortunately in black and white. All text in Russian. However English translations of the text plus "missing" textual volumes can be found on The Russian Army in 1805 - 1807: the Uniform Plates of Johann Voltz. Russian site containing images of the French and Russian uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars. The French plates were made by Veyland, Martinet around 1812, while the Russian plates are by Kill, Gubarev and Sokolsky. Cossack uniforms. Russian Army, 1796-1801. Russian auxiliary corps of 1798 by T Moro (Vienna). Infantry of 1812 by Parkhaev Cavalry of 1812 by Parkhaev Irregulars of 1812 by Parkhaev Weapons, equipment & awards of 1812 by Parkhaev

Spain: Spanish military uniforms 1800-1980. Spanish infantry uniforms 1789. Spanish uniforms 1808-14. Knotel plates of Spanish Army plus access to plates of the uniforms of the Cadiz garrison in 1810. Spanish TW site worth joining to gain access to Jose Maria Bueno’s excellent “Uniformes Espanoles de la Guerra Independencia” – see “Que haría falta para hacer un mod de unidades” topic. The Uniform Plates of the Suhr Brothers on the Spanish Romana Division in Hamburg (1807 - 1808). The Artwork of Dionisio Álvarez Cueto showing some Spanish units in 1808. The Artwork of Dionisio Álvarez Cueto showing some Spanish units at Bailen. Spanish Army 1805. 20clonard&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CDMQFjAC& (Álbum de la Infantería by Conde de Clonard (1861) version with pictures & minimal text) (Álbum de la Infantería by Conde de Clonard (1861) full text version & have to save each page individually. part 1 of Album de la Caballería by Conde de Clonard (1861) part 2 of Album de la Caballería by Conde de Clonard (1861) part 3 of Album de la Caballería by Conde de Clonard (1861)

Bavaria: Napoleon-Series: Bavarian army - 275 illustrations of Judge Johann Cantler, which cover the period of 1800 to 1815 Covers 1806-13. Napoleon-Series: Bavarian Volunteers and Landwehr of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann. The Rawkins booklet on the Bavarian Army 1805-15. Bavarian army uniforms, 1810-1816. Uniforms & organisation of Bavaria’s town guard 1807 plus musical scores. Munich town guard 1796-1807. Army of 1813 series of 10 platespublished by Herzberg (Augsburg)

Saxony: Knotel plates on the Saxon army. Saxony-Weimar Volunteers of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann. The Uniforms of the Saxon Army in 1811. The Saxon Army in 1810: the Uniform Plates of Alexander Sauerweid. Saxon Volunteers and Landwehr of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann. Uniform Plates of the Saxon Army: 1805 – 1806. 1806-13. Saxon Army 1806-13. New uniforms of the Saxon Army 1811. Uniforms of the Saxon Army 1806-1823 by Adam von Bärtsch.

Westphalia: The Pinhas Uniform Plates of the Westphalian infantry: 1811 – 1812. The Uniform Plates of Alexander Sauerweid covering the Westphalian Guard in 1810. The Westphalian Army in Hamburg (circa 1809): the Uniform Plates of the Suhr Brothers. National Guard of the Kingdom of Westphalia, (clearly the BNF description is incorrect as it has this relating to 1805 i.e. as Westphalia was formed after Tilsit in 1807).

Wurtemberg: Kingdom of Wurttemberg 1806-1813. The Ebner Uniform Plates of the Wurttemberg Army in 1807. The Kingdom of Wurttemberg 1806-13. The Rawkins booklet covering 1806-14.
Stadlinger plates Wurttemberg Text: Stadlinger. Geschichte des württembergischen Kriegswesens von der frühesten bis zur neuesten Zeit (1856). 682 pages: Pictures by Leo Ignaz von Stadlinger: Geschichte des württembergischen Kriegswesens (History of Württemberg Military), K. Hofdruckerei zu Guttenberg Stuttgart, 1856

Grand Duchy of Warsaw: Contains 32 out of Jan V. Chelminski’s 48 plates on the Army of the Duchy of Warsaw – those omitted are military schools, medical service or well known uniforms as 1st Lancer Regiment of French Guard. Uniform Series of the Army of the Duchy of Warsaw by Stachowicz. The five panels show groups of in the period from 1810 to 1813. Poles in the service of Napoleon – covers the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, Vistula Legion, Legion du Nord, Imperial Guard, Album of plates by Bronislaw Gembarzewski - mix of colour & black & white (in Polish). Album of plates by Zygmunt Rozwadowski (in Polish).

Kingdom of Poland Polish Army 1697-94. Polish Army of Kosciuszko in 1794.

Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz: to the Rawkins booklet on the Army of Mecklemburg 1808-14. Napoleon-Series: Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz Volunteers of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann.

Sweden: Useful colour plates on Swedish uniforms. Swedish Uniforms, circa 1810. The Rawkins booklet on the Swedish Army 1802-14.

Portugal: Portuguese Army uniforms at the end of the Ancien regime. Geronimo's excellent thread with plenty of pictures of Portuguese Uniforms. Links to article on Portuguese uniforms.

Ottoman: Ottoman Empire 19th century costumes from Museum of old Istanbul. "Military Costume of Turkey"downloadable as pdf. Illustrations from life andhas supporting text. Produced in 1818 and depicts uniforms circa 1812.

Nassau: Links to Rawkins booklet on the Nassau Army 1806-15.

Wurzburg: The Grand Duchy of Wurzburg 1806-13. Würzburg Volunteers of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann.

Baden: Grand Duchy of Baden 1806-13. Baden Uniforms, 1807 & 1809 by Marc Rosenberg 1896.

Berg: Grand Duchy of Berg 1806-13.

Saxon Duchies: 1806-13 The Saxon Duchies 1806-13.

Kingdom of Holland/Batavian Republic: The Dutch Army in Hamburg (1807 - 1808): the Uniform Plates of the Suhr Brothers. although termed Dutch army 1792-1815, it currently covers just the Dutch Republic 1790-95.

Anhalt: The Duchies of Anhalt 1807-13.

Frankfurt: Grand Duchy of Frankfurt 1806-13.

Lippe: Principalities of Lippe 1807-1813.

Reuss: Principalities of Reuss 1807-1813.

Waldeck: Principality of Waldeck 1806-13.

Hanseatic Cities: Hanseatic Cities (Hamburg, Lübeck, and Bremen) Volunteers of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann.

Hesse-Darmstadt: Uniforms of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1806-1816.

Hessen-Kassel: Hessen-Kassel Landwehr and Volunteers of the Wars of Liberation: the Uniform Plates of Friedrich Neumann. Uniforms 1776-1793 Uniforms 1776-1793 Uniforms 1760-1799.

Hanover/KGL: German site with English Section about the KGL. Links to the Rawkins booklet on Hanoverian infantry 1814-15. Hanoverian troops 1813-1815 - Göhrde, Quatre-Bras, Waterloo,.by W. Aerts.

Naples: Gennaro Aloja’s drawings of Joachim Murat’s Army of 1815. Neapolitan Army 1806-15.

Denmark: The Danish Army in Hamburg (1812 - 1814): the Uniform Plates of the Suhr Brothers. Danish-Norwegian uniforms thread.

Savoy/Piedmont/Kingdom of Sardinia: Flags & uniforms from the 16th century to 1850ish. (Site in Italian). Uniforms from 1814 to 1833 (in Italian).

Brunswick Uniforms 1758-1815 Uniforms 1814-15 Uniforms 1809 Uniforms 1809-1890

Switzerland & Helvetian Republic: Swiss cantonal troops

Spain - King Joseph Bonaparte Spanish army of King Joseph Bonaparte Uniforms, 1808-1812.

Maps Maps of Peninsular War. Napoleon Series Map Archives - high quality maps on various battles, campaigns, & other items of interest on the Napoleonic Wars. Maps from variety of sources and about 75% of them are in colour. As below, but in this case the entire public domain book and all maps have been digitized and converted into a pdf download for FREE, courtesy of! Nearly 120 maps of Napoleonic battles and campaigns, plus Siborne’s maps of 1815. Firm specializing in antique and historical maps on CD ROM. Alison's Atlas is available on CD ROM and well worth the few shekels the vendor is asking. Thiers Atlas of the French Revolutionary Wars, Thiers Atlas of the Wars of the Consular & Empire periods. Craan map of the Battle of Waterloo. Displays evolving, dynamic map of Europe and the Middle East. Freedemo covering the Napoleonic Period may be downloaded from the site. Maps on trhe napoleonic Wars showing the changes in Europe plus maps from Ancient times to the present day; also has lots of stuff on historical people. Superb coloured map of the whole of Belgium as at 1777 by van Ferraris. Country divided into numbered rectangles which can be expanded. Atlas of battles etc 1792-1815 by Ferdinand von Dürrich, Franz Georg Friedrich von Kausler, J. E. Woerl
http://www.1806-1807.napoleon-online...tegory&catid=3 Maps showing evolution of the battle of Jena. Maps from 1812 campaign in Russia including battles of Smolensk, Polotsk (both battles), Malo-Jaroslawetz, Krasnoye & others. Maps of battles of La Rothière, Montmirail, Montereau, Craonne, Laon & others from 1814. Maps of the Napoleonic Wars from the US Military Academy. Maps of the War of 1812 between Britain & the USA from the US Military Academy.

Naval All six volumes of the “Naval History of Great Britain from 1793 to 1827” by William James. Lots of data on ships – names, when commissioned , fates, ratings, orders of battles, etc. Lots of links to useful naval stuff – mainly American War of Independence. Again lots of useful links on naval stuff. A French site about the Napoleonic French navy. One more site devoted to sailing navy history. Another site dedicated to the great age of sailing warfare. This one contains the old list of British warships and a list of all commissioned British naval officers. Life on-board a 74 gun ship of the line at the end of the 18th century – nice interactive presentation by Musée national de la marine in French, English & Spanish. Late 18th to early 20th century naval and naval social history – includes lists of ships of the Royal Navy and its foes. Broadside is a collection of pages describing life in Royal Navy in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, the time of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Virtual tour of HMS Victory.

Flags and standards Useful site containing flags and standards of many of the participants in the Napoleonic wars. Site covers France, Austria, Baden, Bavaria (infantry only), Berg, Brunswick (1815), Denmark (infantry only for 1813 Auxiliary Corps), small German Principalities (Anhalt, Mecklemburg, Lippe, Nassau, Wurzburg etc) Great Britain (infantry for Waterloo campaign), Hesse-Darmstadt (infantry only), Hesse-Kassel (infantry only), Kingdom of Italy (infantry only), Kingdom of Naples (infantry only), Netherlands/Kingdom of Holland/Batavian Republic (infantry only), Portugal, Prussia, Russia (infantry only), Saxony, USA (War of 1812), Westphalia & Wurttemburg (infantry only). A superb website covering French military flags through the ages, ready to download and print. Continuously updated, often with near impossible to find data and illustrations. Website for free downloadable flags. Spanish site detailing flags. Flags for many nations. Flags of the World (FOTW) claims to be the Internet's largest site devoted to the study of flags with more than 19,000 pages about flags and over 36,000 images of flags. Portuguese Naval Flags. Naval flags of the world 1794.

Downloadable Books Russian website with links to Bernard Coppens/Patrice Courcelle/Michel Petard/Daniel Lordey 2 Volume work entitled "Les Uniformes des Guerres Napoleonienes", the various volumes of Bucquoy, Funcken, Joineau, Rousselot plates, Knotel plates, Bueno's books on the Spanish Army etc plus lots on WW2/Ancient/ACW, as well as some very good Russian books.... To gain access you will need to join. List of books on Napoleonic subjects available for free download. Present index lists books digitized by various institutions, but mainly the Google Corp. for its Google Books project. Only full version titles are included and interested parties can search the entire Google Books database at This index represents only a fraction of tens of thousands of books added daily to the Google Books and is continuously updated. Access to lots of original documents, books etc, Some useful articles for download. Classic Napoleonic literature - books and artwork reproduced here are out-of-copyright. Links to downloadable books. Links to downloadable books in mix of English, Spanish, French & German languages. Links to downloadable drill manuals. Lots of links to downloadable copies of books on campaigns, battles etc from the Revolutionary period to Waterloo in mix of English, French & German. Massive bibliography of Napoleonic Fiction, Poetry & Drama with links to digital texts on this site as well as other sites see below for downloadable text link: Downloadable texts here but unfortunately not all links work. Most not downloadable, but useful list of Napoleonic novels. Link to Google Books search page. Links to Gallica (Bibliothèque nationale de France) search page. Internet text Archive: Free Books - Download & Streaming : Ebook and Texts Archive. Very useful for those in the UK & Europe who cannot access full texts that US citizens can on Google Books due to the different limits on expiry of copyright - sometimes blocks do occur. Link to Gutenberg Project search page. The Fondation Napoléon Digital Collection - digitised documents fully searchable, images can be viewed using zoom feature.

Orders of Battle George Nafziger's orders of battle from the 1600s to 1945. Nafziger graciously donated his entire collection on his retirement to the US Army Command & General Staff College where every OB file resides as a free download.
PDF à télécharger

Regimental names: Austria France Great Britain Prussia Russia Minor States/Nations - so far : Baden, Bavaria, Grand Duchy of Berg, Brunswick, Hesse-Darmstadt,Hessen-Kassel, Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of Naples, Oldenburg,Sardinia, Saxony, Two Sicilies, Duchy of Warsaw, Westphalia& Wurttemberg 1814 entry to do Sweden Ottoman Empire Hanover

Paintings of Battles, Portraits etc Paintings mainly of 1812 by Averyanov Alexander Y. Lots of Napoeonic Pictures The complete works of Jacques Louis David includes Napoleon at the StBernard pass 1801, Paintings by Giuseppe Rava. Borodino paintings by Franz Alekseevitch Rubo. Pictures of the Battle of Borodino. This site seems to have pictures of Napoleonic battles from Montenotte to Waterloo (click enlarge below picture to get reasonable resolution). Series of Canvases by Vasiliy Vasilyevich Vereschagin (1842-1904) on The Patriotic War of 1812. Peter von Hess' paintings of the battles of 1812. some pictures by famous Russian and Polish artists. The main theme of this collection is Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812. These pictures are from "The Patriotic War of 1812 " by Bozherianov printed in St.Petersburg 1911. Many high quality portraits of Napoleon and the imperial family. Many paintings in this virtual museum – but a bit too many pop-ups! Series of drawings & prints of the Napoleonic era.

Biographies/Pen Pictures of Generals Pictures and short bios on Napoleon’s Marshals. Pictures and bios on 43 Russian generals. Prussian Generals of the Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815 British Generals of the Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815 Contains the portraits of the Russian Generals who participated in the War of 1812. Detailed biographies of 94 Austrian Field Marshals & Generals, many with a contemporary portrait. (In German) French Army Generals who Served during 1789 - 1815 Top Twenty French Cavalry Commanders Biographical Dictionary of Austrian Generals during the Napoleonic Wars. Biographical Dictionary of Russian Generals during the Napoleonic Wars. Biographical notes. some with picture of English, French, Portuguese & Spanish generals & others (in Portuguese). A-Z searchable dictionary of Portuguese generals, nobles etc, some with picture (in Portuguese).

Peninsular War The Peninsular War 200 Years On Good resource on the Peninsular War. Bicentario de la guerre de la independencia N°1 (publication in Spanish, some nice pictures).
N°2 Bicentario de la guerre de la independencia N°2 (publication in Spanish, some nice pictures). Nice Spanish site on the battle of Salamanca, complete with an excellent diorama using Fantassin miniatures. Peninsular war from a Spanish perspective. Portuguese site on the French Invasions and Portuguese Legion.

The War of 1812
Historical Atlas of Canada
Interactive maps on logistics, strategic thrusts by years; graphs on the British naval blockade, etc

Canadian Military History Gateway includes access to the online version of the three volume Canadian Military Heritage series, spanning a thousand years of Canada's Military History

Medals, Awards, Honours etc Medals of the world for all eras. Medals & orders of the Napoleonic period. Napoleonic & Revolutionary medals.

Museums & Monuments National Army Museum, London Musee de l’Armee, Paris Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Vienna (English and German). Kaiser Jager Museum, Bergerseil. Russian 1812 internet project – site in Russian & English. Borodino battlefield museum. Russian Hussar Museum (in Russian). Swedish Army Museum Bavarian Army Museum – covers middle ages to modern times. Polish Army Museum, Warsaw, covers the 10th century to the World War 2. Musee de Legion d’Honneur. Leger Museum, Delft. Website offers information about the war museums in Europe that the creators have visited. Each museum has its own 'gallery' where they give some general information about the museum (facilities etc.), a description of the museum (e.g. exhibits, highlights) and a selection of photos taken 'on the spot'. Museums of Napoleonic France: Château de Malmaison, Château de Bois-Preau, The Bonaparte House in Ajaccio, L’Ile d’Aix, Château de Compiegne, and Château de Fontainbleu. Site in English & French. Monuments and Memorials of the Napoleonic Era – some great pictures of monuments and graves.

Other Lots on the Imperial Guard Grenadiers a Pied & Fusilier Grenadiers – history, uniforms, regulations, armaments etc. Covers a wide range of Napoleonic stuff….. The Napoleonic Guide is one of the best reference source for everything you need to know about the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte. It has more than 2000 pages of information Spanish site covering all things Napoleon. Napoleonic website built by Polish enthusiaists. Main focus is on the Duchy of Warsaw, but general information available too. Text in Polish and English. Battlefield Anomalies Website, very nicely done. From Napoleonic period covers Eylau, Heilsberg, the 1812 invasion of Russia and Ligny. Comprehensive Dutch site. A website for Russian - inspired campaign of 1812. Contains lots on Russian infantry and cavalry. Language: Russian / English - Very interesting page from Russia (in English). A large Number of battle paintings and portraits. One of the lesser known conflicts the Russian- Swedish war is covered here. Some uniform images are available. Napoleon Online is the German-language Internet portal, which deals with all aspects of the Napoleonic era and the era of the Revolutionary War. The primary focus on areas of military and military history , various partner sites , but also deal with civil and political events of the time. Very useful site. Tons of useful information and graphics. This site tends to look quite favourably on the Red Coats, but there are some fine maps to be had. Another great site, in English no less, with a huge selection of uniform and flag data on the Swedish military towards the end of the 18th century. French site that provides access to multiple sites covering the French Revolution through the 2d Empire. The Napoleonic Discussion Group - a lot of subject matter experts here. Could not resist including this for the miniature wargamers amongst us. An absolutely spectacular diorama of the 1813 Battle of Nations using Zinnfiguren flats - website in German. The pictures say it all! Orders of battle, Napoleon's maxims and other resources. Graphic intense. The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection. Spanish military forum. Hundreds of useful links (though not all work) covering all ages of warfare and history. French site with Napoleonic magazine for sale – but can access a few pages from each edition. Plenty of useful material.’s system of heraldry. Excellent site of Mark Conrad with his translations of Russian works covering pre-Petrine to Soviet period. Military maxims of Napoleon. European State Finance Database (edited by Dr Catherine Casson), is an international project for the collection, archiving and dissemination of data on European fiscal history from the medieval to modern periods. The data is available free of charge.A wide range of countries are covered including Austria, England, France, the Low Countries, Poland, Prussia, Russia, Spain, Spanish America and Switzerland. Much of the data relates to different types of taxes, but there is also material relating to army size, wool and cloth exports and imports and stock prices. Full instructions on how to use the database are on the bottom of the first page. Lists in pdf format of Spanish infantry regiments and battalions by individual year from the 18th to 20th centuries. The Napoleonic Wars Series – has links to various memoirs, Napoleon’s correspondence. Site (in French) aimed at giving a better understanding of Napoleon. Copies of original documents, and interesting stuff concerning his death. Free public service on the History of France (in images) through museum collections and archival materials covering 1789 to 1939. The Macgill University digital collection. Some of the earliest photographs of veterans of Napoleon’s army, taken when these old soldiers were in their 70s or 80s.

Maps of 1812 (Russian Campaign)
My thanks to Ralph R. Reinertsen at the Napoleonic Series Forum for the links etc to the Boutourlin Maps at the McGill collection. Left click on the map to get a larger version, then - using the map in the new window - right click to save the jpg file.

Planche 1: CARTE de la CONTREE ENTRE WITBSK et SMOLENSK (Opération 1812);
Planche 3A: PLAN du Combat de SALTANOWKA;
Planche 3B: PLAN de la Bataille de KLIASTITZY;

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très intéressant, merci !
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Merci encore, je suis impressionné par la quantité de données...

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